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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Job Vacancy - Kathmandu University High School

Kathmandu University High School (A sister organisation of Kathmandu University) invites applications from qualified and experienced teachers for the following posts.

- Teacher of Chemistry 'A' Level. (Cambridge Board)
A Master's Degree in Chemistry, 1st Division preferred. An opportunity to teach this subject to very able students in a well equipped laboratory with full technician support.

- Teacher of Social Studies - Secondary Level 
A Bachelor's Degree in a related subject, Master's Degree preferred.

- Teacher of Music - Lower Secondary Level
A Bachelor's Degree in Music and the ability to play at least two musical

- Teacher of Art - Lower Secondary Level
A Bachelor's Degree in Art and the ability to deliver art in a variety of media.

- Hostel Warden 
 Applications are invited from suitable candidates for Hostel Warden posts that may become vacant in the future.

                                              Published on: February 08, 2012 (Kantipur)

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